Bookkeeping Services

SMALL BUSINESS BOOKKEEPING– We become your internal accounting department. No more accounting hassles. You and your staff can focus on running your business.  We pay your daily bills, record your daily deposits, and reconcile your bank statements all on our secure website which allows you to remain in control and have access to real-time accounting information.

Outsourcing bookkeeping service makes smart financial sense. Reduce your overhead costs by eliminating a specialized employee dedicated to overseeing the books. With your trusted advisors on the job, there is never a worry about the reliability of the data. Your stress is eliminated and allows you to get focused on your business again!

Allow us to handle this critical but time-consuming function off-site. Our bookkeeping staff becomes your internal accounting department.  As your trusted advisor, we pay your daily bills, record daily sales deposits, reconcile bank and credit card statements, process payroll and prepare payroll tax returns. We compile all your financial data into financial statements.  We will also take care of your tax needs by preparing your W-2’s, and 1099’s, as well as preparing both your individual and Company’s tax returns.  We take the guess work out of your financial status and allow you to reach your business goals.

You can simply upload your financial information through our secure client portal found on our website and let us handle your daily accounting needs. You will have a quick and accurate picture of all your business activity anytime, anywhere.

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